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오피애드 News Real-time integrated management of digital signage in 60 stores

The number of COVID-19 confirmed cases is increasing every day, are you doing well and healthy?

Our 오피애드 is here to tell you good news after running hard to be careful of COVID-19.

Our 오피애드 has established an integrated digital signage operation system based on digital signage technology in the ‘Merig Round’ of F&B Face.

More than 60 digital signage screens that have recently been deployed and installed in the store can be integrated and managed in real time on a single platform.


By integrating screens that needed to be operated individually, we hope to reduce costs and resources for management, and provide a more efficient and secure service environment by providing real-time guidance on safety issues in case of emergency
We look forward to expanding our business to various fields such as advertising business through collaboration with 오피애드 in the future!

[오피애드 News] We are pleased to announce the selection of ‘Young Friendly Small and Medium Business’ for the fourth consecutive year.


I’m here to share good news with you today.

Our ad-op has been selected as the “2022 Youth-Friendly Small and Medium Business” organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for four consecutive years.

Since 2016, the Ministry of Employment and Labor has selected youth-friendly small and medium-sized enterprises every year based on “wage,” “balance of daily life” and “employment stability” to improve awareness of SMEs and induce employment.

오피애드 has been selected as an excellent company in all fields for four consecutive years from 2019 to 2022.

오피애드 operates various performance-sharing systems such as incentives, stock option payments, and youth tomorrow filling deductions, and also operates a 35-hour workweek and flexible work system to guarantee work-life balance.

In particular, the 35-hour workweek is satisfactory for all employees because they can concentrate and rest when they rest

In addition, the company not only supports all meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner as necessary, but also operates various welfare systems such as education and book purchase expenses for self-development, welfare and cultural living expenses, providing a more satisfactory working environment.

In addition, we are continuing to recruit new family members as the ad-opee grows, so please check the link below!

[Let’s invite the talent to be with 오피애드ee]

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[오피애드 News] 오피애드 has been selected as a family-friendly company in 2021!

Hello, we’re Ad-Opie!

I’m back with good news today

오피애드 has been selected and certified as a family-friendly company in 2021 based on family-friendly management operating systems!

Family-friendly certification is a system that provides certification through screening to companies and public institutions that establish and operate an excellent family-friendly management operating system.

오피애드 has been recognized for its efforts to increase employee satisfaction through the operation of various welfare systems such as “35-hour workweek” and “homework”, “free annual use”, “breakfast and lunch”, monthly “welfare points”, and “unlimited book” support for unlimited books.”

In particular, due to the recent COVID-19, it not only grants ‘vaccine paid leave’,

If you are forced to go into self-quarantine, we are also making efforts to create a safer working environment by sending a “support kit” including milk kits and sanitary products and a “celebration pot” for dismantling self-isolation.

As we scored high points well above the average in the employee satisfaction survey, we will create a company that can work happier based on family-friendly operations.

#[Adoffee’s story] The lucky dice game Yachu M has officially been released!

Hello! We’re Ad-Opie.

I’d like to introduce some special news today.

I heard that 오피애드 Family Co., Ltd. recently released a very interesting game.

It’s a game called Yachu M!

Aren’t you curious about what kind of game “Yachu M” is? Shall we watch the video first?

Yachu M is a mobile game developed based on a dice board game called Yachu.

The person who gets the highest score with 5 dice wins.

You don’t just roll five dice, there’s a rule to get points. (Like a poker game!)

Therefore, the strategy to get a high score and the luck of the moment you roll the dice determine the winner.

This is the biggest fun factor of Yachu M.

If you’re looking for a game that you can enjoy comfortably for a reasonable amount of time, please try it!