Opened GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center in Yongin, specialized in color therapy

The GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center, which specializes in color therapy, announced on the 28th that it will open in Dongbaek, Yongin, and conduct various programs.

The GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center, operated by GBG Colorin, offers programs such as color therapy and finding out your personality.

According to the company, ‘11 Color Tales’ conducted by the Psychological Counseling Center is a program that helps you find comfort and stability by identifying your temperament and inclination through the colors you choose. It provides time to find out my personality and strengths in detail, to look into my heart, and to get to know my thoughts and feelings through conversation.

An official from the Psychological Counseling Center said, “In the future, we will communicate genuinely so that people living near Yongin can feel lighter and happier.” It is also being used a lot as a couple date course in Korea.”

He continued, “In particular, there was no way for couples to convey their different feelings, but through the process of recognizing each other’s feelings through color, things that could not be said are resolved, and the satisfaction of couples is very high.” We can lighten our hearts and let go of the heaviness, and the reason we are having a hard time is because we turn away from the truth in our heart, so the answer is to be true to ourselves.”

Meanwhile, more information about the GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center and counseling programs can be found on the website or by phone.