Dao Anma(다오안마) Registered lower body massage from Gyeolskin & Body that can take care of the whole body

Gangnam Dao Anma(다오안마) located in Hakdong is a must-book for the best facilities!

Before I visited, I talked to the director on the phone and told him where I wanted to be managed, so I visited at the reservation time.

It is about a block away from Hakdong Station, and there is a bus stop nearby, so it is a good place to go by public transportation.

It is located in the Blue Village shopping district opposite the Gangnam Homeplus Hakdong branch, so it has good accessibility.

I heard that people from other towns as well as people living in the Middle East are coming to see me.

I’ve been to many places to get lower body massages, and I was impressed by the cleanliness of the interior and the neatness of the store.

In addition to the neat interior, customers who receive full-body care worked hard to relax.

The two beds, the changing room space, and the counseling room space were all separated, so you could receive a lower body massage in a comfortable environment. As mentioned earlier, it feels much more private because the director of Dao Anma(다오안마) directly takes care of customers, rather than taking turns managing customers.

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It’s such a pretty space, so I took another video. If you’re curious about the interior structure, you can check it in advance before you go.

I fell in love with the kindness of the boss who served me a cup of tea on time

As it was my first visit while drinking a cup of tea you gave me, I began serious consultations on why I visited Dao Mama in Gangnam so much and what customized telegraph management I needed.

In November last year, I was told that I had a disc procedure on my back due to dislocation of the intervertebral disc, and my worries were openly extended.

He also had a high understanding of the right body shape so that he registered his membership after his first visit.

I was seriously consulting for about 5-10 minutes and was guided to the changing room, and it was cutely decorated across the changing room, so I laughed.

Lockers are also equipped with plenty of room, and simple beauty tools are provided so that even if you have a date or an important schedule after management, there is no problem.

At Galskin & Body, which can take care of skin, face contour, decolte, upper body, abdomen, and lower body, it was thorough in “cleaning” and “sanitation,” and it was safe to receive care with disposable innerwear.

Before making a reservation here, I was able to check out the special management secrets of this place in the reviews of other visitors, and after experiencing it myself, I’m amazed by “Wow!!!! Awesome!!!”

I was able to compare myself lying down in a comfortable position, looking at the ceiling, and lying down right away. My back is bulging like a tripe…I could see with my eyes that not only the hip height but also the lower body was not balanced.

My body type is better than anyone else, my pelvis is twisted a lot, and my legs are bent in an O-shape, so I’ve been stressed for a long time due to a lower body complex, but after checking this out, I really needed care.

Dao Anma(다오안마) Powerful handwriting management from the director’s small hands is recommended.

The picture attached above shows that the left and right balance and the swollen calves have become slimmer as if they had gained weight.

Before I received the director’s smart and good lower body massage, my legs were chubby due to calf lower body edema.

Not only is it asymmetrical due to the lack of balance between the left and right sides of the knee and shin, but also the difference in the length of both legs can be clearly felt because the heel is not horizontal.

Even if I knew common sense that a person’s left and right balance was not perfect, I didn’t know it would stand out this much.

Still, after receiving a lower body massage with the sincere touch of the director, who has a good body shape, the calves’ line seems to be softer.

The management time for each part is slightly different, and it was a very satisfying experience to the extent that the whole body recognized my body suffering from cervical sprain and intervertebral disk escape more accurately than anyone else and even took special care of my throat.

Unlike other leg management programs, the upper pelvis was also carefully cared for, so I paid a 500,000 won membership right away after my first visit.

After receiving care, I could see how much I was satisfied with my lighter legs, softer neck, and shoulders. I visited because of the lower body blood circulation, which was my biggest concern, but I want to recommend this place to people who are planning special events such as prenatal, postpartum, or marriage because I am also taking care of my skin in addition to hand-written care for my right body shape.

★Dao Anma★ The director is kind and disinfects the store from time to time for cleanliness
Since you can visit with confidence because of the hygiene inspection, I hope that not only school children and Middle East residents but also people from other neighborhoods will experience it once.