Hot springs, mineral water, walks, immune tables…to experience wellness [SPA tour road]

Immunity Table of the Five Colors Green Hotel in Yangyang, Gangwon-do
Five-color hot springs with excellent therapeutic effects
Five-color mineral water, famous for its good water,
Even a beautiful walk in the main valley

The main goal is under Hangilryeong in 오피 Yangyang, Gangwon Province. It is a scenic spot hidden by Seoraksan Mountain and a travel destination with five-colored mineral water and five-colored hot springs. It is still popular in the past and now in that it is a combination of five-colored mineral water known for its good water, five-colored hot springs with excellent therapeutic effects, and light mountain climbing to relieve mental and physical fatigue.
There are about 10 hot spring baths in this area, of which the five-colored Greenyard Hotel is the most famous. It is a “wellness tourist destination” selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization, and is visited by many travelers all year round as you can enjoy cool carbonated hot springs and hot five-colored hot springs at the same time. Wellness is a combination of well-being, happiness, and fitness. It refers to a socially healthy state as well as body and mind.
The five-colored hot spring is an alkaline hot spring that feels slippery and soft when it touches the skin. It is known to be effective for neuralgia and skin diseases, and to be good for recovery from illness and fatigue. Carbonated hot springs are low-temperature hot springs at 27°C lower than body temperature, and are known to be effective in treating and preventing stressful diseases in urban people. In particular, it removes foreign substances from the skin and makes the skin smooth, so it is called a “beauty’s bath.”
It is even better to serve as an immune table along with hot springs. The five-colored Greenyard Hotel’s immune table consists of 15 kinds of natural foods. Songi mushroom porridge using pine mushrooms, nutritious gondre brown rice, blackberry salad to help antioxidants, garlic chicken breast steak, sea-scented tootnamul and cold seasoned with Seorak energy, tomato sauce salmon salad, and frozen blueberries are not finished as a meal.

Immune Table at the Green Yard Hotel
If you add five-colored mineral water, it’s icing on the cake. The place where the five-colored mineral spring rises is Osaek-ri Village. It was first discovered around 1500 by a monk of Seongguksa Temple in Jujugol, Seoraksan Mountain. It originated from a tree with five colors of flowers in the background of Seongguksa Temple and was named Osaek Mineral Spring. There are three mineral springs, the upper mineral water has a lot of iron, and the lower two have a lot of carbon dioxide. If you moisten your throat with a sip of mineral water after a meal and finish with a walk in the main valley that leads up to the valley, you can fall into a true “wellness” that you have never experienced in the city.