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High-quality massage from skin care shop ★오피사수★ (

I went to Gangdong-gu Skin Care ★오피사수★ ( because I needed to take care of the moisture to keep my skin dry.
It is located a 5-minute walk from Exit 3 of Gangdong-gu Office Station, so it is very accessible.
Phone number: 02-470-0133
Business hours:
Weekdays 11:00-21:00,
Weekend 10:00-18:00
Parking: Parking space in front of the store

I don’t think it’s too much because the price tag is written on the outside. Please call me for more information. Gangdong-gu Skin Care ★오피사수★ ( kindly guided me at a reasonable price. This is the interior of Gangdong-gu Skin Care ★오피사수★ ( with an antique atmosphere. It has an imperial atmosphere.

Skin Care ★오피사수★ (

#High-quality massage system with skin care ★오피사수★ (

In fact, he was kind and the service was very good, so I felt like I was being treated by the royal family as it was. It was clean and clean inside. I could see the products I use at a glance. Gangdong-gu Beauty Shop ★오피사수★ ( is a total beauty shop that can take care of nails, eyelashes, and skin. I was shown to the changing room first. We have individual lockers, so we can put clothes and belongings. It’s really comfortable because I have pants. I’m going to change into pants and gown and go get some care. Before getting skin care here, I cleanse my dead skin cells and take an aroma foot bath before going in. It feels like a royal family. You can take an aroma foot bath in a luxurious place. It’s a coffee-based scrub. It has a good scent and is excellent for removing waste and exfoliating. It massages your toes, exfoliating your skin and taking an aroma foot bath.

Skin shops usually have a four-person bed and were managed together, but it was better than anything else in the COVID-19 situation to get private care in a single room at Durgisum in Gangdong-gu. I can focus on myself with confidence. Since it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, you can take care of yourself privately and take care of a couple. A place where celebrities go? There were a lot of autographs, too.

#Concentrated Care Program

The skincare program that I received is a 70 minute complete care course. Starting with exfoliating, it is a program that provides vitality and nutrition to the skin, protects the moisture membrane, and finds the natural oil and water balance of the skin. It’s a gel type product that doesn’t irritate much with the 1st and 2nd deep cleansers and removes dead skin cells. Even if you take care of your dead skin cells, there are a lot of dead skin cells. I didn’t even know I was exfoliating because it was soft because I used a gel type product. She gave me a scalp massage using peppermint aroma. I felt drowsy and relaxed, so I fell asleep. The soft handling made my body relaxed and comfortable. They gave me a decol-themed massage, and it didn’t hurt a lot and it was a perfect strength. It felt like I was circulating well after getting decollete on my neck and shoulders. The products used for management are natural cosmetics using natural aromas, and they are safe cosmetics that can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin, oily, dry skin, and complex skin without any harmful ingredients.

Using skin regeneration oil and balm type massage products, I applied strength to skin regeneration and moisturizing line. Is this what it feels like to be hydrated from the inside of your skin? As a dry person, I really liked the moist feeling! They massage me by hand so that the ampoule can be absorbed well, and they touch my eyebrows, forehead, and chin. It’s so cool and my skin got better.

The modeling secondary mask provides vitality and nutrition to the skin. Cover your eyes with a gauze, put the pack on for 10-15 minutes, take a break, and finish off with Pitera Serum+Recycled Nutrition Cream+Mist. Good moisture ampoule, get into my face!
While I was doing the mask pack, she even gave me shoulder massage and hand care! I felt refreshed when I massaged my arms and armpits to do lymph circulation. My skin is getting positive and my feet and hands are getting positive at Gangdong-gu Skin care is getting positive. I got my hair done in the powder room, feeling my smooth skin. It feels like it’s chocked to the inside of your skin. The oil and water balance and the skin texture make your face look good

When I got out of the powder room, I found samples of natural cosmetics made by Durgisum
Disinfected shoes are ready. I was touched by the disinfection of my shoes. I think getting it at the salon has a more dramatic effect than doing home care
I need to take care of it steadily, but it was a review of Gangdong-gu Skin Care ★오피사수★ (