Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Naedonnaesan Review Travel for relaxation (pool , breakfast review)

Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Naedonnaesan Review Travel for relaxation (pool , breakfast review)

Jeongseon is a world far away from Busan

But this year, let’s conquer Gangwon-do

After cooking, I plan to go to Sokcho and Yangyang in the summer anyway, so I go to the mountains rather than the sea.

I chose the Jeongseon tour
오피사이트가이드에서 나에게 딱 맞는 웰니스 리조트를 찾아보세요!

3 days 2 nights in Jeongseon

Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Sukam Twin Suite 3 Days 2 Nights

This is a review

9-12, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00

Jeongseon city? town? About 20 minutes from

was the place to go

Park Roche & Wellness

surrounded by mountains

It was a very quiet location.

check in on friday

The lobby was relatively quiet.

The lobby I used to come as soon as I arrived.

It was just like a gallery

I saw a lot of birch trees in this area.

It looked like a birch tree.

A British artist’s landscape of Jeongseon

It’s called painted

Wow.. it’s different from other fancy hotels

There was comfort and luxury.

From the lobby, there is a sense of anticipation.

Of course, I’ve been looking for it on the internet, haven’t I?

It is said that the word ‘Roche’ in Park Roche means stone.

That’s why the interior made of ‘stone’

+ tree

Stones and trees.. so natural and pretty…

Review of Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Vacation

Sukam Twin Suite

​Park Roche was much better than I expected!

I am a real wood + stone

Is it because of this interior?

Even though it looks like a luxury hotel, it feels like home

so good

Like the name of Park Roche & Wellness

A space for wellness and relaxation

I would design it like this

It seemed like a well-made place.

I had a great rest!

Actually it’s much better

Don’t be fooled by the picture…

Even the smell when you enter is good, the atmosphere and the scent

Everything was the perfect concept for ‘rest’.

In the kitchen, instead of coffee, tea bags, teaware, and teacups.

There are wine glasses and openers, and there is a mini refrigerator.

There was also a microwave.

I could easily heat up the food I bought and eat it.

I heard that the cups and teacups are all from Gwangju… They’re so pretty..~~

Bedroom, living room,

There is even a mini-kitchen where you can easily cook.

The wallpaper and sofas are also in beige and gray tones.

It’s all in a calming tone, so it’s a very calming atmosphere!


I really wanted to decorate my bathroom like this…

The bathtub with beige marble is also nice.

Amenities were cammomentary.

I’ve used this before and it was a good product.

I have it as an amenity in Park Roche haha

Lighting and illumination can be fine-tuned.

Even when the temperature was set to 26 degrees, it was too dry.

No matter how many wet towels hang

It was too dry..

A mountain view of the lush green Park Roche.

good for taking pictures,

There is a sofa in front of the window.

I left a photo.

Park Roche Breakfast

I thought we could eat outside.

We are visiting in early April.

There was no such person.

Still, when the weather is good, even outdoors

It looks very pretty.

​Not missing scrambled eggs, breads,

Ham and sausage are basic

There is samchi, and there is a Korean menu.

Eat western food once, eat Korean food once

I’ve been eating too much since morning.

If there is oatmeal, get it.

I don’t really like whole wheat bread.

Parc Roche Breakfast Whole Wheat Bread

It was very soft and smooth.

2nd Korean food

Indispensable in Jeongseon

The salted octopus on the gondre rice is also delicious ㅜㅜ

up to name

Also, I like Korean food for breakfast..

I like pretty western breakfast too.

Koreans are Koreans lol

The dressings were also very healthy.

Balsamic drizzled over olive oil.

Lots of chickpeas too!

I really felt like my stomach was going to explode

(Pictures above were not taken with my husband)

I ate alone hahaha)

But, you still have to eat dessert.

(Required to share with my husband)

Take out even the real coffee lol

He said that he seems to have picked some breakfast beans.

Park Roche Pool

The pool was under construction when I went.

Only the indoor pool and jacuzzi were available.

Of course, for outdoor swimming.

Although it was a bit cold

The sad part

I was working on a tile replacement.

Somehow.. Actually, this tile

I thought it didn’t go well with Park Roche.

So are you changing it?

This is a private jacuzzi.

You have to make a separate reservation to use it.

The indoor pool is small.

It’s a no kids zone.

The pool is small, so there is no place to sit.

I went to the bathroom and only used the sauna.

Park Roche Cafe

beer after bath

It was so delicious… .

so cool ! 💆🏻‍♀️

​Park Roche Cafe is better than you think

Not expensive for a hotel

Usually at a restaurant that is good these days

It’s the price to eat, so I ate without any hesitation.

Actually, since I came to Jeongseon, I had something to eat from Gangwon-do.

I wanted to eat more.

I really didn’t have anything to eat for 3 days 2 nights in Jeongseon…

On the first day, I ate Kodungchigi noodles and Assorted Jeon.

that’s the end ^^

I ate it. It was delicious.

I don’t think you can eat tadpole noodles.

It seems that all of them are herbs.. There was nothing else to eat.

So, you can enjoy the Parc Roche Breakfast and the Parc Roche Cafe.

You can even find it by accident ^^; haha

​Punggi porcini pizza 19.0

Linguini Aloe Anchovies 23.0

And 2 cups of Cloud 8.0

I ordered this

I heard that Parc Roche Cafe is a pizza restaurant.

Pizza is also delicious!

Pasta tastes better

Anchovies Pasta..It was salty and really delicious🤍

Goes well with beer

3 days 2 nights

In fact, I have no will to the Monga movement.

I didn’t even bring yoga clothes.

She can’t even do yoga in Parc Rosh

It’s a bit disappointing that I enjoyed it less than 2%

I had a really good rest

I really liked the PARKROCHE itself!

If it’s not far, I want to go again..!